As we focus forward together, we are united by our faith in the triune God and in our mission to connect, uphold, and inspire one other. Our logo consists of three speech balloons, which overlap to create a multiplicity of new colors and celebrate our connectedness as diverse youth workers, our focus on the power of the Trinity, and our commitment to our three-fold mission.

The speech balloons articulate the power of dialogue in our work together as we create a safe, holy community where we share our celebrations, struggles, ideas, and needs. They also represent our calling to be Christ’s voice in a broken world, to speak up for those who are marginalized, and to empower young people to find their voices as they seek to be Christ's disciples.

The bold colors reflect our passion for what we do and our vision for a bright future together. As the speech balloons come together, their colors merge and transform, just like we are changed through our relationships with God and with each other.

The placement of the speech balloons creates the appearance of motion, which brings to life the movement of the Holy Spirit working among us and our desire to be moving forward together in our ministries with young people and their families.

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Michelle Phillips

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