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Youth Mission Co

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With locations in Asheville (NC), Raleigh (NC), and Memphis (TN), your group can explore where mission creativity and transformation are happening with young people. Mission immersion experiences are available year-round on weekends. Week-long experiences are available during spring break and summer.

This is a $350 value for your congregation.

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Until September 30, you can also take $75 off of your registration for the Middle School Campference!

Is it a conference for middle school youth workers?


Is it a retreat for middle school youth workers?

Somewhat, but more like a conference.

We have a hard time describing the Middle School Ministry Campference, because any short description doesn’t completely capture the vibe that is so amazing about this event. Really, it’s a Tribal Gathering for middle school and junior high youth workers.

Sure, we’ll have seminars and focused conversations lead by some of the leading practitioners in our field. But the primary value of the weekend is that we’re all together, playing, talking, eating, dreaming, worshipping. You won’t just sit in a seminar with an expert: you’ll have a meal with her or go zip-lining with him. And you’ll find plenty of “experts” who, just like you, are the other attendees. Because everyone has a voice at the Campference.


Michelle Phillips

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