What's New in 2017–2018?

New Benefits for Members

The PYWA Core Team listened to your feedback about not having enough reasons to join. After all, youth programs have tight budgets and every penny counts, right? Because of this, we've developed a high-quality list of member benefits that will connect you with people like you who care deeply for youth ministry, provide you with inspiring opportunities, and make your job easier by equipping you with lots of ideas and resources. Click to learn more about our Connector, Upholder, and Inspirer membership benefits.

A Renewed Focus on All the Youth Workers in Your Congregation

We want to partner with your entire congregation to strengthen your youth program. Of course, we're still going to be the best place for professional youth workers to connect. But, but we also want to connect, uphold, and inspire volunteer Sunday School teachers, youth groups leaders, confirmation mentors, Christian education committee members, youth music directors, and anyone else who works with young people in the church. To do this, we're shifting from individual memberships to congregational memberships. One person from each congregation will serve as the contact person for the congregation and all other youth workers in the congregation will be official, card-carrying PYWA members and will receive all of the amazing benefits of membership! Members will be able to sign-up for different email lists so that they will only be receiving information that applies to them. (Be prepared to list all of your congregation's youth workers when you register!)

A New Membership Management Program

We're now using a membership management program called Wild Apricot to manage our members. This will allow us to take better care of our members and free up time for our ministry together. It will help us communicate better, manage our finances better, and we even got this brand-new website out of it!

A New Schedule for Membership

Ever had trouble remembering what month you were supposed to renew your PYWA membership? Worry no more. Our new membership year matches the program year of most youth programs. Beginning in the summer of 2017, all PYWA memberships will begin on September 1st and end on August 31st of the following year. This will allow us to focus less time on reminding people to renew and more time on developing amazing opportunities to strengthen your youth ministry program.

More Opportunities to Engage

We're still a grass-roots organization and we will remain agile so that we can respond to the needs of our members. Look forward to hearing about opportunities to get involved. We'll soon be in need of people to serve on various teams, advisory groups, and work groups. This is a great way to meet other youth workers while diving deeper into the world of youth ministry. And, of course, we're always in need of your ideas!


Michael Harper

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