2018 Youth Worker Sabbath Day

Presbyterian youth workers from around the United States and Canada will gather locally at camps, conference centers, seminaries, or anywhere else that's a good place to engage in Sabbath practices together.

Through the magic of technology, we'll come together at some point in the morning to hear a speaker and then groups will use the provided resources to engage in Sabbath practices in their separate locations.

What happens next is up to you! You can continue to engage in Sabbath practices such as hiking, listening to music, drawing, moving through labyrinths, praying, singing, reflecting on Scripture, or anything else that helps you to connect with God.

The day will end with local groups coming together to talk about their Sabbath experiences and praying together.

Want to Host a Sabbath Group?

We're looking for one person from each presbytery or community across the U.S. and Canada to serve as a Sabbath Group Host. Could that be you?

The host is in charge of selecting a location, arranging lunch, and setting the schedule. The host is also in charge of either facilitating the program portion of the day or finding someone who can serve as the facilitator.

Click Here for Information about Being a Sabbath Group Host

Want to Join a Sabbath Group?

Once we have a Sabbath Group Host established in your area, you will register directly with them. The Sabbath Group Host is in charge of figuring out the meeting location, arranging for lunch, and setting the schedule. You do not need to be a member of PYWA to join a Sabbath Group. You will receive a program packet and support from PYWA and the PC(USA)'s Ministry with Youth Office.

Click Here to See the Current List of Sabbath Group Hosts


Michael Harper

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