2018 Youth Worker Sabbath Day

Presbyterian youth workers from around the United States and Canada will gather locally at camps, conference centers, seminaries, or anywhere else that's a good place to engage in Sabbath practices together.

Through the magic of technology, we'll come together at some point in the morning to hear a speaker and then groups will use the provided resources to engage in Sabbath practices in their separate locations.

What happens next is up to you! You can continue to engage in Sabbath practices such as hiking, listening to music, drawing, moving through labyrinths, praying, singing, reflecting on Scripture, or anything else that helps you to connect with God.

The day will end with local groups coming together to talk about their Sabbath experiences and praying together.

We'll have more details soon, but please mark the date on your calendar and start working with the youth workers around you to find a place to be together. Don't have a local group to connect with? No worries. We'll be hosting non-geographic groups in an online format.


Michael Harper

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