The Associate Pastor is a called and installed pastoral position responsible for leading the church in becoming better disciples of Jesus Christ, individually and collectively. As Jesus charged Peter in John 21, this pastor will “feed my lambs”, “tend my sheep,” and “feed my sheep.” This pastor will evaluate the needs of the church in fostering discipleship, and then lead the church in developing and organizing programs to meet these needs, with a particular focus on our lambs—youth and new members—shepherding young Christians from adolescence to adulthood, attracting new Christians and guiding them as they develop their faith.

This pastor will actively foster compassionate relationships within and beyond the church to create opportunities for developing discipleship. Their leadership in worship will feed and guide growing disciples. Creating opportunities for continual learning and spiritual leadership development will equip members to serve and share. Identifying and cultivating avenues for volunteering and community involvement, with our civilian and military neighbors, will give members real-world experience discipling to others.

ClcMIF Job Description