Youth Director
Presbyterian Church of Falling Spring
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Presbyterian Church of Falling Spring (PCFS)
PCFS is a family of faith who gather for God’s honor and glory. Our ministries are designed to meet the need of every human being to encounter God. We are located in south central Pennsylvania, in the beautiful community of Chambersburg, PA. Our church service has both traditional worship as well as contemporary services. PCFS has a rich history of over 150 years in our community, with a strong core of faithful servants to our Lord. We are family-friendly, with approximately 170 active attendees on any given Sunday and a total of 500 plus members of the congregation on the roles.

Our Staff’s primary goal is to fulfill our Vision Statement at FSPC on a daily basis:

  • Love our God
  • Live like Jesus
  • Learn through the Holy Spirit

1. Communication and Outreach: Create more awareness, updates and opportunities of ongoing church activities via Email, Social Media, Virtual Worship
2. Impression: Make excellent and memorable impressions to our Congregation and to our first time Guests when they arrive on Campus and to Worship
3. Connection: To develop a clear, compelling process to help people grow spiritually, become valued and fruitful members of our church family.
4. Serve: Serve our community as Jesus has directed us to do

Presbyterian Church of Falling Spring and our Staff’s Mission Statement:
• To worship God
• Proclaim Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior
• Follow the Holy Spirit
• Strive to bring believers onto a path of discipleship and covenant to love and serve one another

POSITION SUMMARY: The Youth Ministry Director (YMD) reports directly to the Head of Staff and will be directly responsible for:
1. Overseeing the youth ministry of PCFS and directing the implementation of its Mission and Vision Statement
2. Spiritually preparing the youth PCFS for challenges ahead in young adulthood and nurturing in those youth a sense of clear Christian identity through and understanding of God-given gifts and talents.
3. Immerse oneself in local outreach connecting with youth in a way that inspires continual increased participation in PCFS youth program.
4. Build upon existing successful youth programs while initiating new and innovative connection opportunities. Organize, administer and maximize church resources and adult leaders to optimize youth program outreach.

The purpose of the Youth Ministry Director is to disciple youth from 6th Grade until the end of High School so that they become authentic followers of Jesus. The Youth Ministry Director will lead, equip, and support our parents, families and adult leaders to support the discipleship process.

We are willing to consider this as either a Part-Time or Full-Time position depending on the Youth Director selected.


  • An undergraduate degree in biblical/theological/pastoral/youth ministries studies.
  • Youth ministry experience preferred.
  • Willing to consider non degree person that has a demonstrated work experience in this field.


  • Strong relational, organizational, motivational, implementation and leadership skills.
  • Has a mature understanding of faith development in Teens
  • Effective Communicator: able to listen to others, process information, and convey concepts and information effectively.
  • Possesses effective written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience building teams, training leaders, and growing ministries.
  • A passion to share the gospel with and to grow the faith of middle and high school students.

The Youth Ministry Director reports to the Head of Staff

Relationships: The first priority of the Youth Director is to ensure that relationships are being built between the adult leaders of PCFS and the youth of the church.

  • Guide and direct the discipleship of PCFS youth.
  • All first-time guests to youth events receive exceptional and timely follow-up, so that all youth who want to become a part of the PCFS youth ministry do so in a way that feels welcoming and natural to them.
  • Connect, Invest, and engage in personal relationships with youth directing them towards following Christ.
  • Create a healthy environment where students feel safe and connected to one another.
  • Connect the youth group with other areas of ministry within the church, maintaining healthy connections with other staff and ministry leaders.
  • The Youth Director knows 90% of the youth in the youth directory by name as well as their parents/guardians.
  • Maintain frequent communication with parents and families, coming alongside them and enabling them to be the primary disciple makers of their students.
  • The Youth Director serves as a “sounding board” for students & their parents/guardians and has an accessible referral list of professional counselors to access when necessary.
  • The Youth Director participates weekly in community and/or school events involving youth connected with the PCFS youth ministry.
  • “Spontaneous” events are engaging not only the participating youth, but also youth from the community and from PCFS families who have not been regularly participating.

Recruiting and Supervision: The Youth Director coordinates, supervises, and evaluates all youth ministry staff and hands-on adult volunteers regularly to ensure that the efforts of all adult leaders and staff members are coordinated to maximize their effectiveness and are recognized for their accomplishments.

  • Provide vision and direction for youth ministry.
  • All weekly hands-on adult volunteers are recruited and have received training at least one month prior to their start of service.
  • Regular meetings are held in which support, training, and encouragement are provided to the volunteers working hands on with youth.
  • The Youth Director has protected the strategic progress of the PCFS youth ministry by ensuring that:
    o Three-year goals and One-year benchmarks for the youth ministry are updated annually.
    o The youth staff evaluates progress based on those goals & benchmarks annually.
    o The staff is regularly attentive to accomplishing the youth ministry’s one-year benchmarks.

Programs: The Youth Director ensures that all details of youth programs and special events are arranged, creating an atmosphere of belonging & fellowship, where emerging spiritual and leadership skills can be developed.

  • Develop small groups.
  • Teach and coordinate teaching of the Word of God to students in a way that is true to the text, engaging to the students, and applicable to their lives.
  • The Youth Director is available to teach Sunday morning classes when needed and is present in Sunday morning worship & around Sunday school classrooms.
  • Assist the Family & Kids Ministry Director to encourage and equip family discipleship by providing resources, counseling, and training for parents.Weekly programs (such as Sunday morning classes, youth group, and small groups) are growing in participation, enthusiasm, and excellence.
  • Organize and oversee youth group events such as regular youth group meetings, Sunday school classes, camps, retreats, service trips, outreach opportunities, mission trips, fundraisers, and other social events.
  • All major events coordinators and other behind-the-scenes volunteers are being recruited and equipped with the information & tools needed to carry out their responsibilities.
  • Youth ministry regularly has met or exceeded its participation targets for calendared youth ministry events.
  • Youth Director ensures that adherence to the Safe Sanctuary policy of PCFS is being followed in all youth programs.
  • Ensure a curriculum design template is in place for the PCFS youth ministry, and curriculum resources for each year are selected at least one month before the school year begins.
  • Oversee budget and purchases for youth ministry, ensuring that expenses for the current year are being tracked, and a budget for the coming year is proposed to the leadership of the church as requested.


  • Full-Time but willing to consider Part-Time
  • $55,000
  • Health Insurance contribution, generous Paid Time Off policy

Job Description