Virtual Ministry

Tips for Worshiping as a Family at Home 

  • Routines can be a big source of comfort during a crisis. Keep to as close to a typical Sunday morning routine as possible. During the time your family would normally spend driving to church, take time to prepare for worship. 
  • Turn off cell phones, TVs, put away other distractions. 
  • Set up the Zoom call or Facebook Live site in a comfortable space like your living room or kitchen where everyone can see and hear. 
  • Light a candle during the prayer for Illumination to recall the light of Christ in the world. 
  • Have a Bible nearby so you can read along with the scripture passage. 
  • Set up a cross or have your make a cross out of found objects and have it in the space. 
  • Have your child or youth pour some water into a bowl to remind you all of your baptism and how the Holy Spirit connects us even when we are a part. 
  • Even though your microphone will be muted, still participate by saying the Lord’s Prayer, reading the text prompted on the screen, humming or singing along to the music, give some kind of offering, and posting prayers via Zoom chat. 
  • Talk with one another after the worship service about what you heard or felt. 

Online Platforms

As you attempt to engage your youth in a more meaningful way through Zoom or any other online program here are some great tips to keep in mind. 

Tips and Tricks for Teachers Educating on Zoom

  • A document that has great ice breakers, get to know you games, and team building exercises. It also includes tips for keep people engaged while meeting virtually and how to get the most out of your gathering time.  

Virtual Team Building Games by Michelle Cummings

  • A group text (GroupMe platform) with the youth that our adult adviser team will interact with throughout the week. Set appropriate hours for use and make sure all text message communication will always be visible to at least three adults who have been trained in the church’s Child Protection Policies. Posts should be monitored for content and youth are encouraged share highs and lows, questions and prayer requests, funny memes, discuss questions posed by the adult leaders, ask for help. Make sure you have clear communication about how to sign up to be a part of a circle (how to join GroupMe) that are consistent with your child protection policy and what the expectations of the circle are.
  • Facebook/Instagram Photo Submissions: Create a hashtag for the youth to post pictures for hope, faithfulness, and love during this time of separation (example: #signsoflife ) You can also pose weekly questions to help guide the picture submissions. For example: Where have you seen life in the midst of the pandemic? Where do you see the living heart of God at work in the world? Something that made you smile when you saw it? Something that give you hope in the midst of the grief

Stay at Home Stay Connected 

Even though we are a part how can we best stay connected to each other and to our communities. This QuickSheet offers ideas on how to best stay in touch with each other and how to make those connections fruitful.  

Stay at Home Stay Connected QuickSheet 


These prayer suggestions can be used as a group virtually. Students can also be encouraged to use them on their own as they are looking for ways to connect with God and express their thoughts and feelings about what is going on.  

 Quicksheet#1: A Guide to Prayer and Youth

iPod Devotion 

Even though these songs are a little dated, you can still use this concept. Create a playlist (maybe use Spotify or Apple Music) around a specific topic, share it with students and discuss why those songs were chosen. You can also create a playlist of worship music to share with students. 

iPod devotion

Prayer Ideas for Youth Meetings 

These prayer suggestions can be altered and used as a group virtually. 

Prayer Ideas for Youth Meetings

Conversation Starters and Continued Engagement 

Great ideas for engaging students in conversation over Zoom or other virtual formats. These conversation starters can also be used on social media as a way to stay engaged between virtual gatherings. 

Conversation Starters: Informal, Last Minute, Off the Cuff Chats with Youth

Connecting with College Students and Young Adults 

Our college students and some young adult may find themselves without a spiritual during this time and will be looking for the comfort that comes from something they know and love. How can you connect with college students and youth group alumni during this time? Consider altering these for a fun virtual reunion event. 

Young Adult Reunions at the Holidays or Anytime

Quick Youth Group Ideas 

Looking for a quick opening activity or game to play with your youth group? Many of these could be altered to be done virtually or may spark your own creation. 

Quick Youth Group Ideas