FULL: Spring Cohorts

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The Presbyterian Youth Workers’ Association is pleased to partner with the Presbyterian Mission Agency’s Office of Christian Formation to offer online, coach-led cohorts around trending topics in Youth Ministry. These cohorts focus on the group sharing and learning together while providing a structure for goal setting and strategy implementation. Each cohort consists of five to eight people and will meet for six 90-minute sessions. Cohorts are ecumenical and meant for youth workers, educators, pastors and volunteers serving in the context of faith formation. While these cohorts are offered free of charge to PYWA members and non-members alike, a commitment to attendance is expected. Our Spring 2021 cohort offerings are listed below.

FULL – New Models in Youth Ministry

Have you sensed that existing models for youth ministry just aren’t working in your context? Are you interested in experimenting with emerging models of youth ministry that will help your young people thrive? Beyond mere conversations around the best practices of other youth ministries, this cohort will help you develop a model that fits your particular context and the needs of the young people in your community. We’ll explore the questions you need to ask, the structures and cultures that need examining, the support you’ll need, and work with you to create a potential road map for implementing a new approach in your congregational context. This cohort isn’t designed to hand you some new models to try on for size. This cohort will help equip you to channel your imagination and inquiry into creating something new that works for you and your ministry.

Cohort will meet every Monday from 3:30 to 5p.m. EST beginning April 19th.
Coach: Stephanie Fritz


How do you nurture a youth ministry that moves beyond merely welcoming LGBTQIA+ youth, but nurtures a culture of belonging, care, and celebration? Working with our partners at More Light Ministries, we hope to share in honest conversations about your specific context and ministry needs, the practices and cultures that foster safe and meaningful spiritual care, and the unique opportunities to empower and equip LGBTQIA+ young people toward a life of authentic discipleship and vocation in the church and their community. This cohort will include short teaching sessions each week from More Light Presbyterians. The coach will guide the conversation around the topics introduced by presenters from More Light. Find out more about More Light here: https://mlp.org/

Cohort will be every Wednesday from 1:30-3pm EST beginning April 21st.
Coach: Shelley Donaldson

FULL – Revisiting the Basics

Are you helping your church build or rebuild a youth ministry? Are you new to youth ministry and looking for some coaching? Are you a parent or church volunteer that is helping your congregation revitalize a youth ministry in the absence of a paid staff youth ministry staff member? Whatever your role in youth ministry, it’s always a good idea to start with the basics and build a strong, sustainable foundation that can last for years to come. We’ll explore conversations around the “Why?” of youth ministry to help you articulate your goals and vision for working with young people in the church. We’ll take a look at the question of “How?” to help you figure out the structures you’ll need to support your program long-term. We’ll also brainstorm about the “What?” questions, to help flesh out what you’ll do with the young people when they show up. This cohort will be taught by seasoned youth ministry professional, Kris “Bubba” Brammer, and a cohort coach that will lead you through the Why, How, and What of ministry with young people. Meet and grow with other adults who may have the same questions and needs as you prepare or refresh your passion to make a faithful difference in the lives of young people as they discover themselves and their faith.

Cohort will meet every Tuesday from 3-4:30 p.m. EST beginning April 20th.
Coach: Shannon Guse