Student Ministries Director
Fist Presbyterian Church
Mexico, Missouri

First Presbyterian Church of Mexico, Missouri is seeking a full-time Student Ministries Director. The description of the petition follows. We’re a vibrant church with a thriving children/youth program. We’d love to hear from you!

To direct and lead programming for elementary, youth, and young adults. The Student Ministries Director shall seek to foster a Christian community through building relationships with young people that strengthen their commitment to the church and growth in faith in Jesus Christ.
1. To function as the primary staff person relating to children, youth and young adult ministry.
2. Work with the Children’s Ministry (CM) Committee, to organize and supervise Vacation Bible School, the Wednesday after school program and other children-related programs of our church.
3. Work with the Youth and Young Adult Ministry (YYAM) Committee, to organize youth groups, youth trips and other youth and young adult related programs of our church.
4. Work with the CM Committee and YYAM Committee, to provide (develop or purchase) curriculum for the PreK through Grade 12 Sunday School classes and programs consistent with the Presbyterian Church USA (Reformed) Theology.
5. Work with the CM Committee and YYAM Committee, to recruit and train, male and female workers for (PreK – 12th) Sunday School teachers and Youth Sponsors.
6. Ensure that all training and background checks are complete and up to date for all volunteers and employees. Also ensure that all activities are covered in accordance with Child Protection Policy.
7. Work with the Senior Pastor to organize a Youth Led Worship Service at least once a year.
8. Coordinate fund-raising activities that support special youth activities and trips.
9. Promote Christian service through age-appropriate service projects.
10. Be a visible presence on a regular basis on Sunday mornings.
11. Attend weekly staff meetings, appropriate committees’ monthly meetings, and any other meetings required by the Senior Pastor. Meet regularly with Senior Pastor as needed at a time mutually agreed upon.
12. Coordinate children, youth, and young adult activities with other ministries of the congregation. Keep the congregation informed of these events by coordinating the publicity for these activities.
13. Manage the disbursement of budgeted funds for the CM Committee and YYAM Committee within the guidelines of the approved budget and in adherence with the purchasing policies of the church.
14. Encourage young people to participate in all facets of the life of the community of faith, including worship, choirs, educational opportunities, youth activities, presbytery activities, VBS, Kids 4 Christ, Camp and service projects, etc.
15. Assist Senior Pastor in the instruction of Confirmation Class as requested.
16. Other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

The First Presbyterian Church requires a professional leader who has a solid understanding of the foundations of the Christian faith, Reformed theology and who has a strong desire and ability to nurture young people in the Christian faith. The Student Ministries Director shall work collaboratively with volunteers and other leaders, generating new ideas and programs to grow the ministry of the children and young people of our church.
1. Have a bachelor’s degree in education or at least five years of related work experience in student ministry.
2. Must complete the Child Protection Policy Training and pass a background check.
3. Have personal integrity, kindness, honesty, and humility.
4. Shall have an enthusiasm for Christian Education.
5. Have the ability to work well with other professional staff, church committees, and volunteers.
6. Must be able to adapt to the changing needs of the children and youth of the church and the community.

Terms of Employment:
The position of Student Ministries Director requires great flexibility in hours available for work, including evenings and weekends. The position is a full time, salaried position and while the salary is based upon a projected 40 hours per week, the actual number of hours required during any given week are those needed to fulfill the responsibilities of the position. Furthermore, it is recognized that the schedule may vary at different times of the year. It is therefore understood that the Student Ministries Director shall:
1. Maintain some regularly scheduled office hours in order to be accessible to youth, parents, staff and the leadership of the congregation.
2. Be available to be contacted during office hours when not present in the office.
3. Notify the staff of all unforeseen absences from regularly scheduled events and provide a suitable substitute in the event of an anticipated absence.
4. Have budgeted funds for continuing education and the needed time off to complete it.
5. Be provided with a competitive salary package.
6. Be provided with time to support MUP and PCUSA.
7. Be provided with benefits in accordance with the Personnel Policy.
8. Have a scheduled, regular day off.

Performance review annually by the staff committee and senior pastor.

Salary range: 40,000
Benefits: Pension, insurance, continuing education

Job Description