APCE Pre-Event Hosted by PYWA

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The Enneagram for You and Youth Ministry
Monday, January 23, 1:00pm – Wednesday, January 25, noon
Fee: $75 PYWA and APCE members; $120 non-members
Facilitator: Beth Mueller

The Enneagram has gotten a lot of popular attention in recent years, but Facebook quizzes and memes don’t come close to capturing its complexity, richness, and wisdom! The Enneagram is rooted in an ancient, dynamic system for understanding ourselves (and others). It can lead us to deep self-awareness and personal transformation, helping us discover our true selves, beyond our ego and default behaviors. The nine ways of experiencing and being in the world articulated by the Enneagram help us live beyond our knee-jerk, default reactions and behaviors, and engage the world, ourselves, and our faith with more compassion and understanding.

For those of us who work or volunteer in ministry, the Enneagram gives us useful insights into our own leadership, the teams we work with, and the young people and families we serve. In our time together, we will explore both the complexities of the Enneagram and the applications to ministry it offers.

Beth Mueller currently serves Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church as the Senior Director of Worship Arts. She has been a student of the Enneagram for close to twenty years and has been teaching Enneagram wisdom since 2016. Beth is funny, approachable, knowledgeable, and passionate about the life-changing transformation the Enneagram can bring. Beth is the author of A Practical Guide to the Enneagram for Youth Ministry, available fall 2022.

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