Notes of Thanks from the Gina Yeager Buckley Scholarship Recipients

by | Apr 11, 2023 | Featured News, News | 0 comments

What your contributions to the Gina Yeager Buckley Scholarship Fund mean is that people in their first five years of ministry with a focus on youth are able to attend conferences and grow in their skill, understanding, and commitment to young people in the church. The most recent recipients want to share a note saying “Thank you!” to those who have given to the scholarship fund that made it possible for them to attend the 2023 APCE Conference that took place in January.

I’m so grateful to receive the Gina Yeager Buckley Scholarship in order to attend the Annual Event for the Association of Partners in Christian Educators. The scholarship made it possible to attend the conference and build connections, learn from others, and really invest in the future of the Church. I learned so much from the presenters and have been trying many things that were spoken about during this conference. The conference was renewing and enlightening, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity you have given me.                               

Jessica Hagen

I was so appreciative to receive the Gina Yeager Buckley Scholarship to attend the Annual Event for APCE. My church had been in the process of merging with another church for the year before the conference. My congregation has always been very supportive of my ministry and continuing education, but we were wary at looking at numbers to make sustainable choices for our future. This scholarship gave me and my church the empowerment to imagine and hope in the work the Spirit has on the road ahead. Thank you for investing in the future hope of youth ministry and the Church.

Abby McCubbin

The Gina Yeager Buckley Scholarship Fund leaves an indelible mark on “new to youth ministry” folks. Recipients are provided opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. They learn skills they can use immediately on returning home to their ministries. They are given encouragement to keep going and keep growing. This is because of your generous gifts.

You may give to the Gina Yeager Buckley Scholarship Fund at any time. Give today and make a difference in the life of a youth minister.